My name is Rick Leach, and I have a passion for Custom-Home Construction. After having been immersed in the industry my entire life, I now possess the experience, skills, and most importantly, the inspiration to do what I love every day.

Before moving to Hilton Head Island in 1984, I lived in Ohio, working with my family developing land and building condominiums and homes. Upon moving to Hilton Head Island, I worked with a local general contractor overseeing construction on golf clubhouses, churches, banks, and light commercial projects. These fantastic opportunities endowed me with the knowledge and professionalism to move forward on my own. In 1993, I incorporated Paragon Construction, Inc. with the intent of building custom homes. Since we’ve been in business, we’ve been very successful with building custom homes and lasting relationships throughout the Low Country.

With a focus on high quality and organization, we have put together an excellent group of skilled professionals to work as a team when it comes to building your custom home and maintaining communication with you, the homeowner. Organization of the construction process starts with our computerized estimate. From there, we are able to create a budget – this protects you from costly surprises down the road. Then, with the help of the many skilled trades who have worked with us since the very beginning, we create your home to your exact specifications.

The wonderful citizens of the Low Country and surrounding areas make it possible for me to pursue my passions on a daily basis. Building dream homes for other people has always been my passion, and thanks to our clients, I have the opportunity to excel at my passion every time I walk into work. I welcome the design/build process, and enjoy working with clients and architects. From conceptual plans to final plans, we won’t stop working with you until we achieve the look that you have envisioned within the budget you have anticipated.

Contact Us or come in today to learn more about our process. We want to learn about you, too.

Rich Leach
Paragon Construction, Inc.

New Construction

Building your dream home from scratch is one of the most fulfilling processes that one may partake in. At Paragon Construction, the process is both fun & easy. We guarantee a high-end, luxury home for an affordable budget – easy living for an easy price. Contact Us today to get started on your Custom Home.


Time to spruce up that old home of yours? We’ve got all the bells & whistles to choose from to not only make your home more livable, but more practical as well. If you’re ready to reach the full potential of your home, then Contact Us or come in today, and find out how fun and easy the process can be.